I like this iphone cover so much it makes me want to run out and get an iphone.  The photograph used to create this water color set case is so realistic that I’d probably put a rubber band around the case to keep the brush from falling off.  And put the whole thing in a plastic bag to keep my purse clean.  As an artist, I’m glad it’s not based on oil paints because I’d have to advise you to open a window for vintilation when using it indoors.

This case is made by Crafic, in Los Angeles, and they’ve got lots more cool iphone cases that will make you smile every time you use your phone.  And that smile will be passed on to all the people you call, not to mention all the people who see you talking into a paint set.  So I guess Crafic has figured out how to make the world a better place, one cell phone call at a time.

Actually, since I first told you about this case, Craftic has added a version for Samsung phones.  So click on over to Crafic and check them all out for yourself.

Watercolor Set iPhone Case by Crafic