Stacking Mommy Rings by tinahdeeThese rings are billed as stacking mommy rings.  And they will make wonderful Mother’s Day gifts, with kids names or other messages stamped on each of the three rings in the set.  But Mother’s Day aside, I think these rings are pretty general purpose conduits for conversations with self.  For example, you can use them to remind yourself to live laugh love.  Or to live life fully.  Or to treat myself well.  Or enjoy each day.  If you’re forgetful, you can have sets made to wear on the days you need to stop and buy bread milk eggs.  Or whatever silliness you can think up.  They can be loads of fun as gifts for yourself or others.  You can even remind Mom that you gave these rings to her on May Thirteen 2012.  The set is handmade and stamped to your custom specifications by Tina at tinahdee for $90.