I was so happy when I spotted these pretty and unusual aquamarine earrings. The timing is perfect because aquamarine is the March birthstone. Some say this lovely water colored stone resonates to the energy of the ocean. And some say that, like the sound of flowing rivers, it has a calming and soothing effect on the nerves. I don’t know about any of that, but I do know aquamarine is a beautiful and versatile stone. And, because you can dress them up or pair them with casual clothes, these pretty featured earrings will go wherever you want them to go. Click the images for more info or to buy. And you can check out more of my handpicked March birthstone jewelry in the big handpicked collection of Handmade Birthstone

Aquamarine Earrings by Amy Shepsman

Aquamarine Earrings by Amy ShepmanThese pretty two inch long Aquamarine Bezel Drop Studs by Amy Shepsman are sparkling translucent chandeliers accented with 18k green-gold vermeil and 18k gold-plated sterling silver posts.  $198 at UncommonGoods.

Aquamarine Drop Earrings by Jes MaHarry

Aquamarine Drop Earrings by Jes MaHarry

This pair of aquamarine drop earrings, Blue Sky, are a salute to designer Jes MaHarry’s 15-year-old border collie “Sky”.  The smooth aquamarines are suspendd from sterling silver suns and posts. $268 at Sundance.

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