Dori Csengeri designs beautiful hand embroidered statement earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Glass cabochons, faceted beads, Swarovski crystals, and silk cord are magically combined to create intricate intertwining motifs. Her jewelry is built on leather backings, making it both lightweight and durable. Dori Csengeri designs are distinctive, unique, and recognized all over the world.  And I have found a few of her signature pieces on sale and ready to ship.

Dori Csengeri Small Aruba Clip-On Earrings

Though I absolutely love Dori Csengeri earrings are miniature artworks, I would have trouble picking pairs for myself.  That’s because her earrings are usually large and very dramatic, and I have a no-drama persona.  That is, I love them on other folks, but would have trouble wearing them myself.  So I was pleased to find she now has a small earrings section.  That’s where I found these gorgeous clip-ons.  But you don’t have to be lightweight like me.  Be daring and dive into her mid-size earrings, long earrings, and her bracelet, and other cool jewelry offerings.  These pieces are so beautiful you don’t have to wear them.  You can hang them along with your other artwork.