This mask has the look of aged wood, but it’s actually made of ceramic.  It’s a replica of the funeral masks used by the ancient Maya.  Oscar Rudolfo Mendoza, the Salvadoran artist who created it, works to preserve the history of the Maya people.  His goal is to show that the Maya culture is still alive, “thanks to the modern Maya living in our country as well as to the handicrafts that reflect their art, beliefs and traditions.”  I find this mask hauntingly beautiful, and the history that it holds and reflects makes it even more so.

Ceramic mask, 'Maya Nobleman' (El Salvador)

Ceramic mask, ‘Maya Nobleman’

The mask is 9-3/4 inches high and 9 inches wide.  It projects almost three inches from the wall.  The hieroglyphs along the top are all hand painted, and the colors were created from annatto seeds as was done in pre-Hispanic times.  This is a really nice mask. And it’s on sale, today only.