This post was updated 6/12/2018.

These engaging little handmade ceramic tumblers grabbed my attention the minute I clicked over to Ron Philbeck Pottery on a routine Handmade Directory maintenance tour. They are so what good handmade products are all about. Each one is individually created by a skilled ceramic artist, Ron Philbeck, and is one-of-a-kind. But, however much they invite admiration, they are definitely made to be used. They hold about 10-12 ounces of whatever you put in them. And what you put in them is up to you: They’re a great size for rocks drinks or morning juice. They’re also a nice size for serving condiments at the table. And they’re great for giving. Fill one with chocolate covered coffee beans or M&Ms, wrap it in cellophane tied at the top with curly ribbon, and it’s a perfect hostess gift.

I love the spontaneous way ron Philbeck applies the glaze. These tumblers are like little watertight canvases. Click images for details, or check out the whole collection of mugs and cups, or start at the Ron Philbeck Pottery home page and check out they whole shop from top to bottom. It’s full of surprises.