I’ve written before (and will surely again) about my lifelong love affair with vases.  It goes back to my childhood and my fascination with my mother’s small collection of art deco vases.  They reminded me of the old black & white movies I loved to watch on tv, and they conjured up images of glamour and fun and intrigue and whimsey and all the other stuff those old movies conveyed.  For a kid growing up in a gritty neighborhood a stone’s throw from downtown Los Angeles, those old movies provided a glimpse into another world.  And my mother’s vases somehow brought that world into our home.

Vases also make wonderful gifts.  One of my favorite vases was a wedding gift.  I didn’t really know the couple who gave it.  They were acquaintances of my new husband.  But that vase spoke to me so directly that, to this day, I recall the face of the woman who gave it, even though I forgot her name years ago.  The vase is still in use.  It has outlived the marriage by over thirty years.  It’s even outlived the ex-husband.  Maybe all that is why I love that vase as much today as I did way back then.  Because it connects me to that distant time in my life the same way my mother’s vases connected me to a world I imagined.

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