Enamel Monarch Butterfly Earrings by Patsy OxleyMonarch butterflies were a beautiful part of the backyard critter population in my Los Angeles childhood home.  I don’t remember hearing talk then of them being endangered or becoming scarce.  But I do remember my mother scolding me for sneaking up and catching them.  She said that handling their fragile wings, even though I always let them go, weakened them and made flight difficult.  When it later became clear that Monarch populations were declining, I felt guilty thankfulness that my mom had set me straight.  Then, years later, when I lived near Pacific Grove, a California town that maintains habitats and hosts a yearly Monarch festival. I was happy to again enjoy these graceful lovelies.

So when these beautiful Monarch earrings fluttered into my visual space, they took me back in time to all of that.  But you can handle these, and you can wear them.  Hand painted enamel on copper, they’re 1-3/4″ long by 1-1/4″ wide.  When you count the silver ear wires, they dangle a dramatic 2-1/2 inches from your ears, fluttering gracefully with every move.  Patsy Oxley’s Ox Art Jewelry shop is where you’ll find them, along with an impressive collection of other handmade jewelry pieces.  These Monarch butterfly earrings are $65.

Post updated 1/19/16.