Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings by AcharaAchara lives in Thailand and has been designing and crafting silver jewelry for over 20 years.  But she and her husband, who is also a silversmith, have found a way to increase their output while also helping others.  They work with talented hill tribe artisans in northern Thailand who, in spite of their skills as silversmiths, often had trouble selling their products.  So Achara and her family teamed up to help them with both production methods and marketing.  This has allowed these people to earn a good living and gain stability in their lives.  At the same time, they are preserving and promoting their culture on a worldwide basis through their work.  It’s win-win for all, including the lucky customers who find their great designs.  I selected these beautiful sterling silver dangle earrings for this post, but making a choice was not easy because Achara has an enormous assortment to choose from.  And I’ve set things up so you can shop her offerings directly from Heartful Village.

So click on over to Heartful Village now and check out all the silver jewelry by Achara and the hill tribe artisans.