Lee Daniels, in Brinnon, Washington, creates stoneware pottery that is both beautiful and functional.  In fact, she suggests specific functions for many of her pieces:  Chili bowls, cream pitcher, vases & pitchers, garlic and mushroom keepers, and more.  She has bowls of all sorts, and some very unusual vases, bottles, and jars.  This butter dish, though, spoke directly to me because I use butter every day and I like my butter kept at room temperature.  This dish is modeled on an old French innovation designed to keep the butter fresh.  You pack butter into the container on the underside of the lid.  And you keep an inch or so of fresh water in the pot.  When the lid (and butter) are in place, the water forms a seal that creates an airtight bacteria-free container.  Clever!  $34.00

Stoneware Butter Dish by Lee Daniels

Handmade Storeware Butter Dish by Lee Daniels