Post Updated 6/12/18
In doing my routine check on Heartful Handmade Directory sites, I clicked over to Tandem Glass and saw this beautiful handblown glass pitcher.  Is it gorgeous, or what?  According to the product page, the colors are all unique, so each pitcher is individual.  This pitcher can be used as a decanter.  Or as the prettiest watering can this side of the moon.  Or to make sun tea.  I’m a big fan of using beautiful things for whatever purpose you want, and thinking up new uses for functional art glass is a great way to assert your creativity in fabulously beautiful ways.  And, when it comes to art glass, no matter how you use it,  you have a beautiful piece of decorative art that can be stored on a tabletop to admire whenever you like.

Hand blown glass pitcher by CharlieJenkins

Tandem Glass is Terrell and Charlie Jenkins.  In addition to the beautiful pitches and glasses offered at their site, they are also available for custom work.  So click on over to Tandem Glass and check it all out for yourself.

Use Whichever Handblown Glass You Want to UseAnd, while we’re on the subject of handblown glass, click over and check out my handpicked collection of handblown drinkware, Use Whichever  Handblown Glass You Want to Use.