Mark Leary is an artist who likes making interesting things, including some stunning and affordable mobiles. These delicate dancing works of movable art are a wonderful way to energize space in your home or office.  And because mobiles are artworks that don’t require real estate on your walls or floor, they can go anywhere, even in small spaces.

I like to hang mobiles near windows, where they cast interesting shadows that change throughout the day.  These traveling shadows create a chorus line of backup dancers in a magical choreography created out of thin air.  It’s a never-ending, always new, often mesmerizing display.

Red Fireworks Mobile by Mark LearyRed Fireworks Mobile by Mark Leary

All Over the Place Mobile by Mark LearyAll Over the Place Mobile by Mark Leary

 These photos of Mark Leary’s Red Fireworks and All Over the Place mobiles give a hint of what I mean.  Just a hint, because the photos show the shadows, but you have to hang the mobile to get the movement.  The Mark Leary Mobiles Etsy shop has an impressive selection of mobiles in a range of sizes, colors, and prices.  So click on over and check them out for yourself.

Revision of 11/21/09 post:  Mobilosity Mobiles are Dancing Works of Art.