These artworks are just two of many smile producing sculptures at Frivolous Tendencies.  This Talent, Oregon, shop gives recycled corrugated barn roofs a whole new life as art.  These whimsical works are the result of some very hard work.  But all that is hidden. What comes through in the finished product is lightness of spirit and a direct link to the very essence of joy.

Raymond and Geraldine by Frivolous TendenciesRaymond and Geraldine by Frivolous Tendencies

Three Ladies Dancing Wall Art by Frivolous Tendencies Three Females Dancer Wall Art by Frivolous Tendencies

These featured pieces are from the Dancer Wall Art collection, my personal favorites.  Raymond and Geraldine is modeled on a classic dance design and is 17 inches tall by 18 inches wide.  The figures are hand sculpted from recycled metal and hand painted with outdoor acrylic metal paint.  It has hooks soldered on the back is ready for immediate hanging and enjoyment. The trio of dancing ladies artwork is hand cut, filed and hammered from recycled metal, and hand painted with an outdoor acrylic metal paint.  Their jewelry is made from recycled copper.   This pieces has wire backing and hooks for immediate hanging.  It’s 18 inches tall by 24 inches wide.

You’ll find lots of pieces to choose from at Frivolous Tendencies.  Besides the dancers, you’ll find musiciansmermaids, African wall art, kitchen art, garden sculptures. and much, much, more.  Sizes and prices vary, and there’s something for every space and pocketbook.  So  click on over and check them out for yourself.

Revision of post originally published 4/6/11.