Beeswax set by pollenArtsCandles have been around practically forever, and still they are enormously popular today.  My personal favorites are beeswax candles.  I love their subtle fragrance and the way they burn cleanly, with no unhealthy soot to mess up your lungs and walls.  And I also read somewhere that beeswax candles create negative ions and are natural air purifiers.  Peter and Juwels, at pollenArts, create very unusual handmade beeswax candles formed in molds cast from antique bottles they’ve collected.  Mason jars, inkwells, milk bottles, medicine bottles, and more.  They have an interesting collection with a wide selection of sizes, shapes, and sets.  But beyond their interesting vessel shaped forms, these are high-quality 100% raw beeswax candles.  That’s as good as it gets.  So click on over and check out pollenArts, the beeswax candle apothecary shop.  And you might also want to read this cool feature on Peter and Juwels.  This mason jar/milkweed cream set is $24.