My original idea for this post was to suggest some pretty candles for Valentine’s Day.  But my personal bias for beeswax candles got in the way.  Not that beeswax candles don’t serve the purpose.  In fact, the clean fresh negatively charged air they create, along with their natural organic aroma, can be very conducive to setting a romantic scene.  But my bias did lead me down a more practical path to candles for everyone and anytime.  And beeswas fits that bill perfectly.
Inkwell Mold Candles
This set of three candles cast from vintage inkwell molds is from Peter and Juwels at Pollen Arts.  I first told you about them a while back in this post.  The candles in this set range from two inches high to just under three inches and are all roughly two inches wide.  They make a pretty setting arranged together, or would work well used individually.  The set is $30, and there are lots of other sets and individual candles in the shop.
Organic Beeswax Tapers
These organic beeswax tapers are by Dali Sarah Assoofi at Beeswax Tapers.  They’re almost an inch in width and you can choose 8″, 10″, or 12″ lengths.  These big, long-lasting, classically styled candles come in sets of two.  The image above links to a six set package (12 candles) for $48, and you’ve got lots more choices in the shop.
Honeycomb Textured Candles
This trio of textured candles is by Sweet Bee Honey.  The honeycomb textured pillar is two inches wide by six inches tall.  You can estimate the sizes of the diamond patterned pillar and beehive from that reference point.  They’re sold as a set for $28, and there are lots more to choose from in the shop.