Derek Shaw brings a strong sense of creative integrity to his line of handmade leather wallets.  He starts with the highest quality full-grain leather, and then handsews each wallet individually using strong waxed thread, reinforcing his stitches at stress points.  Sold under the brand name Waskerd, Shaw’s wallets are simple in design, highly functional, extremely durable, and backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  These wallets are made to last and develop character with age.

The Waskerd website has an impressive selection of wallets and cardholders, including slim one-, two- and three-pocket folding designs, as well as zipper, money clip, and messenger bag designs.   The three wallets featured below give you a sense of available options:

Two-Pocket Slim Wallet by Waskerd
Snello 2-Pocket Slim Wallet
Pinnell Money Clip Wallet by Waskerd

Pinnell Money Clip Walletom


Knox Zipper Wallet by WaskerdKnox Zipper Wallet


The Waskerd site also has a small selection of leather bags and other accessories.  And your choices go beyond what you see at the website.  You can have a Waskerd design personalized with a monogram, or you can go all out and get a totally customized wallet or bag just the way you want it.  Click on over to the Waskerd website and check it all out for yourself.

Derek Shaw is committed to creating authentic artisan leather goods that appeal to modern shoppers.  And, while Shaw may be connected creatively and energetically to talented artisans of the past, he has some additional 21st century challenges in meeting his goals.  This Philadelphia Weekly article by Jared Axelrod provides some interesting insights on this subject and a little window into Derek Shaw’s world.