xobruno is a Portland company that creates leather and canvas bags and wallets for women and men.   The bags are all handmade from high-quality materials, and they’re made to last and develop character with age.  Every bag in the xobruno collection is an elegant statement of style and practicality, but my personal favorite is the Alvar leather and waxed canvas bag shown below.

Alvar Bag, $245

Alvar Bag
This is a perfect everyday or travel bag.  It’s stylish, it’s roomy, it’s water-resistant.  It’s the perfect bag for zipping around town shopping and running errands.  Or for being a tourist, whether on land, sea, rail, or foot.  And the Alvar is friendly and accommodating.  It will become whatever bag you need it to be, conveniently and on the spot.  It’s a shoulder bag, or a tote bag, or it’s a happy helpful backpack.
Alvar Bag Backpack
You have a big selection of colors and color combinations to choose from, and you can even get the strap in leather, rather than canvas, if you want.  The Alvar is my idea of bag perfection.  But xobruno has many more styles to choose from, including wallets and tablet cases.  So click on over and check them out for yourself.