Post updated 6/14/18.

MZ Fairtrade works with skilled artisan weavers in Teotitlan, a small village in Mexico near the city of Oaxaca. The weavers create beautiful high-quality bags, tapestries, computer cases, and rugs. Manos Zapotecas pays the weavers fair trade prices for their work and markets their goods with the intent “to perpetuate the superb artistry of the Zapotec people, and at the same time help to improve their lives and their community.”The products at the website are beautiful. There are loads of categories to choose from, from tote bags to tablet cases to rugs and pillows and much, much more.  They have a core group of  artisans that design their products and are empowered to lead other weavers in the execution of their designs. They range in age from young to old. Some are grounded in tradition, and some like working with modern themes. In some cases, the whole family is involved, and several are couples.

MZ Flame Wool Rug
Fire Diamond Wool Cross Body Bag
Crimson Mitla Wool Tote

I’ve picked three of my favorites (that just coincidentally all happen to be red), but there is so much more to choose from.  So click on over now and check it all out for yourself at the MZ website.