When I first wrote this post, it was cold and damp in my neck of the woods, so I went looking for winter warmers to feature in the day’s post.  I wanted to find some cuddly hats and gloves and neck warmers and mittens.  Instead, I was drawn to these gorgeous and colorful silk scarves by Velezhki, in Toronto.  Scarves are a staple in my wardrobe, because they let me dramatically change my outfits without actually buying new clothes.  Picked thse summery colored scarves to fight my chill, because, with a little imagination, they can do more than change your outfit.  They can change your point of view — and magically change the season.

Hand-Dyed Silk Scarf – Sunshine Yellow

Hand-Dyed Silk Scarf – Sunshine Yellow

This Sunshine Yellow silk scarf will bring a ray of brightness into gloomy gray winter days.  Can’t you just feel the warm glow of sunshine on your cheeks?

Hand-Dyed Silk Scarf – Summer Sunset

Hand-Dyed Silk Scarf – Summer SunsetThe orange, yellow, hot pink, and magenta colors in this scarf, Summer Sunset, are a perfect antedote to fall and winter doldrums.  I feel warmer just looking at it.  And, if you’re just not feeling summer right now, here’s another way to look at this scarf.  It carries the colors of a roaring fireplace fire.  Just hold out your hands and you’ll feel it warming your fingers.

Velezhki’s Etsy shop offers a large and impressive selection of scarves in many different colors.  Most are silk scarves, and she also has a few cotton scarves.  They all reflect her appreciation for unique natural elements, and her background as a researcher in ecosystems conservation.  So click on over to her shop to see more hand-dyed scarves by Velezhki.

How to Tie a Scarf Videos

Handpicked Videos on How to Tie a Scarf