I don’t know about the weather where you are. But here in Memphis it’s been erratic, unpredictable, and all over the climate map. It’s cold one day and warm the next. All of a sudden the trees are sprouting color, then we get a freeze and who knows what happens to the poor fragile overly optimistic blooms. And these are not simply day to day fluctuations. Temperatures change dramatically even within the same day. So, if the weather in your area is also having an identity crisis, I suggest you keep a sweater or wrap handy at all times — in your car, or in a tote bag, or wherever works for you. Shawls and long warm scarves are nice. Expecially if they’re handmade. And they’re really special if made from warm and luxurious alpaca yarn.Elvia Melendez is a Peruvian artisan who hand crochets and hand knits 100% alpaca scarves and shawls. So, to get you started, I’ve picked a couple of her pieces that I especially like.

Violet Garden Handmade Alpaca Wool Shawl

100% Alpaca Shawl, $102.95

This hand crocheted shawl is a nice roomy 38 inches long (it dips to a V in the back) and 77 inches wide. So it can be worn draped down over the shoulders or wrapped around as shown here. And it can be folded into a nice compact bundle that you can leave in car to be ready when the weather turns cool. You can dress it up for a nice restaurant, down for a stroll on the beach, and the muted violet will blend (either subtly or dramatically) with anything in your closet.

Starburst Artisan Crochet Shawl

100% Alpaca Scarf, $64.95

This elegant hand crocheted scarf is made up of rows of intricate star bursts and is 67 inches long and 8-3/4 inches wide. So you can do a fashionable double loop as shown here, or wrap it around and ears and neck for extra warmth And the muted neutral gray will blend well with everything.

But Elvia Melendez has lots more to choose from. So click on over and check them all out in Scarves & Wraps.