In order to keep the links in my handmade directory current, I check in periodically on the hundreds of atists and sites I link to.  Sometimes they’ve gone away and I have to delete them.  And sometimes they’ve grown and expanded and are venturing into new territory.  Like Noelle Burke at Xenotees.

I did my first Xenotees blog post in 2008 when I fell in love with Noelle’s original art tees.  Then, in 2010, I did my second Xenotees post when I checked in and saw she had added big cotton scarves and roomy tote bags.  Well today I checked in has found she’s now added a line of home products.  And, although Noelle’s Etsy shop is still happening, she also has an eye-pleasing new Xenotees website.  It opens with the photograph below, which presented me with today’s featured product.

Xenotees Cat Nap Pillow CasesCat Nap Pillow Case Set, $32

This set of 100% pima cotton hand screened Cat Nap Pillow Cases is a perfect gift for a cat lover.  Expecially one who likes minimal art and clean modern lines.  The set is $32 and comes in all the standard sizes.  And, if canines are more to your liking, you can get Dog Nap Pillow Cases.  If you’re a non-discrimating pet lover, the Bipetual Pillow Cases are for you.  But if animals on the bed are just not your thing, Xenotees has other pillow case designs that are equally nice.  And, for artistic flair in the kitchen, you can’t do better than these hand screened original art tea towels.

So click on over to Xenotees and check it all out for yourself.