Post updated 6/14/18.

You have to send all the way to Vilnius, Lithuania, for these slippers. And you have to wait two weeks for them to be custom made just for you. But I have more than a sneaking suspicion that they’ll be worth the wait and the long ride home to your feet. BureBure Slippers are handmade by Inga and Kestas from wool cloth that they felted by hand. They use the ancient wet felting process, where the cloth is created with water, soap, and hand friction. And some of the wool they use is even from their own Skudde sheep that graze right there on their farm.

White Felted Boots

Felted Boots, $133

These soft marino wool boots are pretty enough for casual home entertaining. And you can get them in whatever color you want.

Felted Women Slippers with Recycled Silk Pattern

Felted Women Slippers with Recycled Silk Pattern, $77

Just looking at these marino wool and silk insulated slippers releases the tension in my neck. The seem perfect for a yoga. I think just wearing them is yoga.

Flowered Felt Slippers

Women’s Lit it Snow Felt Slipper, $78

BureBure Slippers are handmade for a custom fit on each foot. And, when you see a style you like, you can usually select pretty much any color.  Just include a note along with your measurements to start the conversation. And you can select the sole you want, depending on whether you want indoor or outdoor use.

Inga Samušienėis designs slippers for men, women, and children. The three designs above give you a sense of her versatility and and artistic range. But you really have to see the whole collection. So click on over to BureBure Slippers and check it out for yourself.