These beautiful handmade picture frames are made of natural unstained wood. The wood was fashioned by Mother Nature, and the frames by Neil Austin. Neil believes in letting the natural beauty of the wood become a part of the finished product. And his work lets you enjoy the beauty and majesty of nature wherever you happen to be. Needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway: No two are alike. Like the trees they came from, these frames are one-of-a-kind.

3-edge Wooden Picture Frame
Wooden Picture Frame - 3x5

3×5″ Natural Wood Frame, $55

These are both maple burl wood frames that hold standard size photos. And they work nicely for family photographs as shown above. But please don’t limit your view of them to that one purpose, because they’re great for so much more. For example, they’re a wonderful way to display nature scenes: A pine tree, or an oak branch, or woodland grasses, or wildflowers. Maybe you took a photo that just didn’t work out. But it has one little stunning element that can stand on its own. Just cut it out and frame it. Or you might want to frame a greeting card you love. Or a beautiful picture you cut out of a magazine. And these frames are perfect for displaing pressed flowers and leaves. Follow my drift? These are cool frames. And whatever you want to put in them will work.Neil Austin has more natural woold frames to choose from. So click on over to Neil Austin and check them out from yourself.