Poppa's Boats Cedar Bookcase

Aren’t these boat styled bookcases fun?  They were handmade by Dennis, at Poppa’s Boats, who makes boat shelving, wine racks, toy and storage boxes, and garden planters and decor.  And, since his creations are custom made, I expect you can add a slant of your own to the creative mix.  Dennis says his favorite woods are red oak, knotty pine, and cedar.  He builds his pieces with screws and glue, no nails, before painting them your choice of color.   The shelves and front edges are hand stained.  When he’s done, paste wax is hand applied for a deep natural looking finish.  You have a choice of sizes and prices.  This four foot unfinished cedar row boat bookcase is $144.  You can’t beat that with a stick or an oar.  So click on over to Poppa’s Boats and check out this wonderful shop.