The Handmade Directory has been at the heart of Heartful Village for several years, and was way overdue for an overhaul.  So I’m happy to say it has been reborn as a beautiful new handmade products directory that plays well on all your devices.  And the new directory is much easier to browse than the old one.  You just move your cursor around the page and click on an image for info.  It will then open to show a preview that includes an excerpt from the artist profile, as well as any provided website links, social media links, and contact information.

But the real work on the directory update has only just begun, because the old directory has hundreds of websites that have to be moved over.   A sane person would probably just automate the job and be done with it.  But I’ve decided to move them over manually, one-by-one.  It’s slow work, but doing it manually lets me revisit each site to made sure everything is accurate and up-to-date.  And it’s fun seeing how these sites have fared over the years.  Some are pretty much unchanged.  Some have closed shop and vanished into the ether.  And some have flourished and grown into bustling businesses with gorgeous websites stocked with beautiful products.

So click the image or click here to check out the new directory.  I’ll post features here on the blog of some of the artist’s sites.  But if you want to make sure you see them all, get on my mailing list, and be sure to sign up for the Featured Artists & Products list.  I’ll be sending out three or four updates a month to keep my subscribers current.

Heartful Handmade Directory

Note:  There’s more at New Handmade Directory, Part 2.