One of the easiest ways to spruce up a room is by adding, or changing, decorative pillows. Whether you’re decorating a bedroom, living room, family room, or outdoor patio, pillows can be used to add accents, color, and a sense of style. You can go elegant or casual depending on your selection of fabric and color combinations. Throw pillows are great when tossed or arranged on a chair, couch, or bed. And oversized pillows work well as additional seating when placed singly or stacked on the floor. These five videos provide easy instructions for do-it-yourself pillows and pillow covers. Each tutorial is simple and easy, and one doesn’t even require sewing: You just need to fold and wrap.

Molly Quest calls this tutorial “The World’s Easiest Cushion Cover.”  That’s arguable, since this pillow cover does have sewn edges.  But, if you’re comfortable using a sewing machine, this cover is pretty easy to make.  And it’s a wonderful example of using dramatic fabric to serve as the pillow design.

This tutorial by Monica Skov gets my vote for easiest cushion cover, because it requires no sewing.  It’s so easy to make, you can stock an assortment of fabrics in different colors and textures and change your pillow covers with the seasons or to suit your current mood.

This tutorial by Natalie’s Creations is easy, but involves a bit more work than the two above.  The resulting frayed edge pillow is worth it, though.  This design works well with linen and and other fabrics that have a loose weave that will fray.

This video by Michelle Phan shows how to make a couple of pillows with a bit of pizzaz:  One with a circular ruffle design and one with disc decorated edges.  Michelle also shows you how to hand-stitch edges as an alternative to using a sewing machine.  This tuturial creates the entire pillow, using stuffing reclaimed from a cheap store-bought pillow.

This last video, from the Rowley Company, shows how easily you can add a decorative button to dress up a pillow.  It may be all you need to do to an existing plain pillow to make it feel new to you again.

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