Whatever happened to the paperless society we were promised way back when? Everyone was all over it at one time. Business writers, tech writers, science writers, green writers, the guy at the newsstand, everyone was talking about the dawning paperless society and how it was going to change the world. I always figured it would make wrapping presents difficult, but that’s neither here nor there.

And much of what was predicted has actually come to be. Email has pretty much replaced paper letter writing. We can now receive and pay our bills online. e-Commerce websites are the modern-day catalogs. And some of us have even traded in paper books, magazines, and newspapers for e-readers. But more junk arrives in the mail today than ever, and the Kindle and Nook brigade are powerless to stop it. So, what you need is an eye-pleasing way to keep the mail clutter out of sight until it gets tossed, which is usually right after you open it. And this beautiful metal box is the perfect solution.

Metal Mailbox by Boris Bally

Metal Mailbox

This hip and arty box was made by Boris Bally as part of his ‘Transit Series’, street signs recycled into functional artworks. Each box is unique and yours will be made from a different sign. But it will be the same roomy 18 inches wide by 9-3/4 inches high, and 8 inches deep. And it will be just as well constructed with copper rivets and fasteners. Click the image for details. Because the junk mail is piling up and there’s more on the way.