Big Bowl O Zen John T. Unger is an artist who has worked as a print and web designer, illustrator, industrial designer, musician, teacher, actor, and set designer. And he’s also a poet.

John T. works primarily in recycled materials and his creative mandate is “sustainable design with an edge.”  I came upon his artwork by way of Typepad Hacks, his how-to blog for Typepad users.

The page I wandered into caught my eye because of his, well . . . eye catching, recycled steel fire bowls.  The large (37″ diameter, 22″ high) and graceful Big Bowl O Zen works for me.  It’s large enough to make building a fire worthwhile and its simple elegance will never get old.  His more ornate bowls, though, are also artfully timeless, and all are lovely enough to add to the fire gazing experience.  There are several designs and sizes for sale with prices ranging from $100-$949, and he also does custom orders:

John T Unger Studio/Fire Bowls