Don’t take this to the bank, but I suspect wrap bracelets are a very early form of adornment.  I say that because they are so basic in design and are accessible to easy do-it-yourself creations.  Let’s face it, if you’ve got a ball of twine, or a length of ribbon, you got the makings of a wrap bracelet.  But because every possible do-it-yourself project is also a potential artisan project, there are as many styles of ready-made wrap bracelets available as there are artists to create them.

I curated this small collection from a large assortment of options.  I chose them because I like them, and I like them because they offer different approaches to (what I say is) an age-old type of jewelry.

Hand-Dyed Silk Wrap BraceletHand-dyed Silk Wrap Bracelet

This pretty hand-dyed silk bracelet is actually 34 inches of heart-adorned ribbon. The few moments spent in the repetitive task of wrapping it around your wrist provide a time-out to clear your mind. California-based designer Jen Pleasants calls it Show the Love for Yourself and designed it as a reminder to take time for yourself when needed. Available at UncommonGoods. $56.

Garnet Beaded Wrap Bracelet

This earth inspired Garnet Beaded wrap bracelet, Dreams of Color, is 35 inches long and adorned with natural garnet beads and reconstituted turquoise. It was created by the artisans at Weaving Hands of Atitlan, a fair trade women’s cooperative in Guatemala.  Available at Novica.  $85.

Set of Seven Wrap BraceletsSet of Seven Wrap Bracelets by Lis Giron

This set of seven wrap bracelets can be worn all together, individually, or mixed and matched to your liking.  Designer Lis Giron calls the set Story of Earth, and says it represents the whole earth and its history, allowing you to find a symbolic meaning in each.  for example,  the twisting, autumn-toned band with starburst pendant may represent to you  the sun and the earth, or the intricate wonder of DNA.  Bracelets are made from durable, waxed cords, and have either button-and-loop or adjustable knot closures. Handmade in Guatemala. and available at UncommonGoods. $35.

Leather and Silver Wrap BraceletLeather and Silver Wrap Bracelet

This unusual leather and silver wrap bracelet, Sensations, consists of crimped twists of recycled sterling silver latched onto leather cord, making it as pleasing to the touch as it is to the eye. It was designed by Sarah McGuire to wrap three times around the wrist and close with a button and loop closure. Available from Sundance.  $250

Leather and Pearl Wrap BraceletLeather and Pearl Wrap Bracelet

This pretty leather and pearl wrap bracelet, Pussywillow, is aptly named because it does conjure up images of graceful pussywillow branches.  It was designed by Chan Luu, and features about 33 inches of knotted leather and cultured, freshwater pearls tinted a soft shade of gray.  It fastens with a sterling silver button. Available from Sundance.  $105

image from art-n-stuff.typepad.comYou’ll find more wrap bracelets at the Heartful Village.  And you can browse more beautiful handmade jewelry at Handmade Shopping Portal.