The pendants, bracelet, and ring presented here all stand-alone as beautiful pieces of jewelry in and of themselves. But they each have the added element of words etched artistically onto their surfaces that say in some way, “I love you.”

Silver BB Becker Pendant Necklace

This elegantly simple silver Falling in Love Pendant necklace is etched with the words, “I have fallen in love many times . . . always with you.” What more can you say? Handmade by BB Becker, no two pieces are exactly alike. The heart cut-out creates a beautiful silhouette that provides a window through to whatever lies behind it, whether bare skin or fabric, making each wearing a bit different, too. Available at UncommonGoods. $99

Pair of Puzzle Piece Necklaces

These two sterling silver pendants join to proclaim, “You are the missing piece to my puzzle,” allowing the couple wearing them to stay linked. Handmade by artist Kathy Bransfield, they are sold as a pair, one on an 18 inch chain, and the other on a 16 inch chain. The pendants measure one inch by 3/4 inch in size. Available at UncommonGoods. $126

Silver Bangles With Gold Heart

These slim silver bangles are stamped with the words, “I Love You,” and are held together with a 14-karat gold heart. They were created by California artist Canela Lamoine and are available at UncommonGoods. $96

P.S. You can also choose a set that says “Best Mom Ever.”

Sterling Silver Pendant Charm Necklace

This lovely pendant necklace combines a sterling silver pendant engraved with the scripted words, “love endures forever”, attached to a 32 inch long sterling box chain, a 10kt gold charm, 10kt rose gold cross, and drop of mstic labradorite. It was created by jewelry artist Rebecca Lankford, and is available at Sundance. $495

“I Love You” Engraved Silver Ring

This unusual silver and gold ring, called Love’s Timeline, is actually three irregularly attached silver bands adorned with 14kt gold beads. “I love you” is inscribed discreetly on one of the bands. Available at Sundance. $198

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