The Heartful June birthstone jewelry collection is a mix of two stones — elegant pearls and the mysterious shimmering moonstone. Some of the pearl jewelry is knotted, some is set in leather, some in silver or gold settings. The moonstone pieces are set in silver or gold. There are rings, bracelets, and necklaces in a range of prices to fit most jewelry budgets.  These are my favorites from the current collection.  But you can click over and see them all.  Or click over to the complete collection of all twelve months of Handmade Birthstone Jewelry at Heartful Portal.
Chan Luu leather, pearl, and gold bracelet
Melissa Joy Manning Keishi and Potato Pearl Necklace
Rebecca Lankford Single Pearl and Leather Necklace
Handpicked Handmade Jewelry at Heartful Portal.And you’ll find gobs more handmade jewelry at Heartful Portal.