These pretty oxidized copper earrings were designed by Carlos Rodas, in Guatemala.  A Novica fair trade artisan, Rodas crafts each pair by hand. etching in artistic details inspired by the rich cultural identity of South America.  This beautiful collection makes it hard to pick favorites, because they’re all so lovely.

Fairtrade Earrings from Guatemala

I singled out the pair above because the photo does a good job of showing the intricate artistry of design.  Rodas names these half-hoop earrings Tz’utujil, after a Mayan ethnic group that exists today in Guatemala.  They are accented with elaborate circle motifs and hang on sterling silver hooks.   $44.99 at Novica.

Carlos Rodas CollectionThis image is an overview of the entire Carlos Rodas collection,  showing his various interesting shapes and motifs.  Some are named for Mayan and other South American ethnic groups, languages, and words.  And the shapes themselves convey a sense of utility and purpose, such as masks, shields, fans, vases.  These are like little wearable natural history museum pieces.  So click on over and check them all out here.

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