These unusual handmade sweaters first caught my attention when I was browsing Novica one day recently.  So I did some digging and found that they have a wonderful selection of unusual sweaters that can make a fashion statement.  And, of course, they’re all fair trade, so the makers earn a living wage for their creativity and high-quality work.  It wasn’t easy, but I settled on these three to feature.

Natural Fiber Cotton Wrap Sweater

Cotton Wrap Sweater

This graceful cotton sweater jacket was designed by Luisa Villavicencio in Guatemala.  Villavicencio’s family cultivates cotton in several natural colors, including this soft ivory tone.  The sweater features long wide lapels that can be wrapped like a shawl, crossed and tied in the back, or left to hang dramatically in the front.  It’s like having several different sweaters in one.  The trendy style is completely handwoven into this timeless garment.  It’s available in sizes X/M and L/XL.  $70 at Novica.

Dark Gray Alpaca Cardigan Sweater

Alpaca Cardigan Sweater

This long dark gray 100% alpaca sweater was designed Paola Cuentas in Peru.  The cardigan style features patterned textures on the sleeves to contrast with the solid body, and the ample front subtly rolls inwards to remain open.  Available in sizes S, M, XL.  $150 at Novica.

White Loose Fit Alpaca Knit Sweater

Alpaca Knit Sweater

This warm and elegant white cardigan sweater is knitted on manual knitting machines by the women of Orkocraft Artisan Association in Peru.  It blends soft first sheer baby alpaca (90%) with nylon (10%) in a fluffy boucle textured design.  Available in sizes S, M, L, and XL.  $170 at Novica.

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