This lovely brown agate necklace, ‘Golden Brown Mistique’, was originally featured on the Heartful Hub along with the trio of handmade earrings I told you about yesterday.  But tis necklace is so pretty and so dramatic, I decided to present it here on its own.  An original design by Brazilian artist Silvia Lima, this handcrafted beauty features three free form agate gems that form a six inch long pendant suspended on a brown leather braid.  Each stone is firmly embraced in sterling silver.  And, because the gems are free form, no two are identical, making each necklace a unique work of art.

Brown Agate Necklace

You’ll find lots more beautiful handmade necklaces, handmade pendants, and other handmade jewelry pieces at Heartful Village.  And be sure to check out more beautiful works by Silvia Lima.