These three pretty pairs of handmade hoop earrings were featured recently at Heartful Village.  They were my first selections for Today’s Picks.  Those featured products are not actually daily picks, because they sometimes stay on the home page for several days.  But then I replace them, and that seems kind of unfair.  So I’ve decided to continue their run here, on the blog, starting with this small selection of handmade hoop earrings.

Pearl Petticoat Earrings

Pearl Petticoat Earrings

These pretty 1-3/8 inch Pearl Petticoat Earrings feature faceted quartz and cultured freshwater pearls on hammered sterling silver hoops with french wires.  The accent beads are 18kt gold plated sterling silver.  These earrings are handmade in the USA.  $78 at Sundance.

Bubbly Chandelier Earrings


These dramatic 2-1/8 inch Bubbly Chandelier Earrings are like tiny bubbles rising to the top of a champagne flute.  They feature petite sterling beads gathered above amethyst, peach colored pearl and white topaz, and sterling silver wires.  They’re made in the USA by Naomi Herndon.  $188 at Sundance.

Pearl Piggyback Hoops


These dainty 5/8 inch Pearl Piggyback Hoops feature cultured freshwater pearls enhanced with a blue/gray hue cling in a cluster to 14kt gold filled hoops with snap down wires. They’re handmade in the USA.  $120 at Sundance.

And it goes with saying, but I’ll say it anyway:  You’ll find lots of lovely handmade earrings and other handmade jewelry at Heartful Village.  There’s even a whole collection of Handmade Hoop Earrings.  So click on over and check it all out now.

Handpicked Handmade Hoop EarringsAnd, before you leave, check out my collection of Handmade Hoop Earrings.