These engaging and whimsical bookends are functional art at its best.  Crafted from carbon steel and covered with automotive paint, these sturdy handmade sculptures are a wonderful way to keep books (or CDs or videos) close at hand with artistically smile producing style. Designed and handcrafted by Kentucky metal artist Eric Gross, the bookends are cut from steel. Then the cut pieces are ground, formed, welded, sanded, and finished in hammered black.

Giraffe Family Bookends

Giraffe Family Bookends The affectionate connection of parent to child in these Giraffe Family Bookends is captured in the silhouette of a mother giraffe reaching out to nuzzle her baby with a neck that grows longer and longer with each book you add to the set.  $65 at UncommonGoods.

Cat Scratch Bookends

Cat Scratch BookendsThese Cat Scratch Bookends are great for cat lovers and readers who can’t resist sinking their claws into a good story.  $65 at UncommonGoods.

Bicycle Bookends

Bicycle BookendsThe cyclists among us will enjoy these Bicycle Bookends as a place to store their books between rides.  $65 at UncommonGoods.

Elephant Family Bookends

Elephant Family Bookends

The baby elephant holding gingerly on to his mother’s tail, makes these Elephant Family Bookends my favorite.  It’s charming, it’s sweet, and don’t forget it’s also functional art.  A wonderful addition to the mantel or shelf or bookcase.  $65 at UncommonGoods.

This post highlights my personal favorites, but you can click over to the Eric Gross Shopping Portal page to check out the rest of the collection.