Elephants have been in the news lately, much of it about efforts to stem poaching and other abuses against these majestic creatures. One of the stories that caught my attention was on how elephants communicate among themselves with sign language. It seems their body language is as meaningful to them as ours is to us.

Poomphauna, the elephant pictured above, uses her body language (with help from her trainer) to create colorful artworks. Poomphauna does not currently have any paintings for sale, but you can check out all the other elephant artists at Novica.

Lavender Sunset by Poomphaung

There are no photos of Kelang, but I like her paintings.  Kelang’s abstract paintings are made up of firm virtical lines of color, making them feel bold and sure.  She has a definite style.

Elephant art also includes artworks of elephants by people. And this large oil on canvas by Alexa Rose captures pachyderm essence beautifully.

Mighty Elephant Pendant by Giuliana Valz-Gen

This pearl and sterling filigree elephant by Giuliana Valz-Gen is a beautiful way to show elephant love. Click image for details and to read the artist’s story.

Elephant Teapot by Putu Oka Mahendra

This ceramic elephant teapot is a fun and practical way to make your home elephant friendly. Click image for details and to read Putu Oka Mahendra’s story.

Sterling Silver Bracelet by Achara

This sterling silver cuff bracelet has three little elephants that seem to march around the band against an artistically intricate motif. Click image for details and to read Achara’s story.

Cotton Scarf by Alaya Cholprasertsuk

The whimsical scene on this pretty cotton batik scarf celebrates family ties. Click the image for details and to read Alaya Cholprasertsuk’s story.

Noelle Daas Art Print

This whimsical print with a lovestruck elephant presenting a flower to a very perplexed snake speaks volumes to the essence of love. Click image for details or click here for more whimsical art by Noelle Daas.

The baby elephant holding gingerly on to his mother’s tail, makes these Elephant Family Bookends totally engaging.  It’s charming, it’s sweet, and don’t forget it’s also functional art.  A wonderful addition to the mantel or shelf or bookcase.